Wednesday, January 01, 2014


We entered 2014, the first day is almost over. Happy New Year everyone!

When I look forward to what comes; Tomorrow will be the first full working day after 8 weeks.

I had my operation on my jaw postponed. Half november I had an operation and it took me 3 week to get back to work and 4 weeks to be completely back again for the full hours. Well that starts tomorrow. Today I came back from the north, where I celebrated new year's eve.

My garden will be full of apples this or next year. I have planted 3 trees in the garden. There is more to eat in the garden like granberries and blackberries right now. The tomato and strawberries have to be planted in the spring.

I picked up cycling again after the acccident in September. This time I cycle upstairs in the attic.

I note here that I still want to see the movie Brazil

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Ocean said...

Hi jan,

Happy New a Year.

I hope you feel better now.
Apple is a great fruit. They say one apple a day keeps doctor away!
Take care and I wish you all the best in 2014:)