Sunday, April 02, 2017

the result

16 days past after the operation when the results were told.
It's a relief. The tumor is not a cancer. I don't even have to come back for control.
That were almost 2 months I lived in a vacuum.
Tomorrow is 1 month and a week ago when the operation was. I cycled small distances to work and on my hometrainer. Today I cycled a longer distance. It felt good.

I'm so glad everything is fine at the moment.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017


I've had the operation.
Now it's recovering from it and waiting for the results of the tests.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


I didn't update this blog for more than a year now.
A lot happened;
I cycled more than 10.000 kilometers,
I am buzy with data at work.
What questions do we have that can be solved with data collected with the work we do.
How can we use that data? That's a question too. In fact there are many questions but I got the approval to continue.

In the first half of January I had a check of my utinary blatter.
I have had bad news. There is a tumor in it. It's not big but it's there. That is a fact. :-(
My first reaction was to get rid of it.

Within a month I have an operation. 27th of February I'll be in the hospital.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The year ends
Tomorrow the year ends.
And what a year, turmoil everywhere.

Of course there is Iraq and Syria.
Of course there is Paris, Bruxelles, Kopenhagen, San Bernadino and so on.

A long list.
A long list of avoided terrorist attacks.

Of course the turmoil will end.
Of course the attacks will end.

We only have to find out how and come to a consensus.

And of course the year ends tomorrow for me because I cycled 10.000 + kilometers mainly in peace.

May the force be with you. :)

Sunday, January 04, 2015

National heritage

Hey, happy New Year everyone. This is my my 1000th post.

When it's cold and the Dutch have some ice on the canals they mostly talk in one or another way about the Elfstedentocht. Today January 4 2015 it's far from cold but it's 18 years ago when the last
Tocht till now was ridden. It's a perfect day to publice a movie of the Elfstedentocht.

The movie in 2 parts is of a participant of the elfstedentocht. Here is the link to
part 1 and part 2 . A rare view from the inside of a great sportsevent.
You see highlights of the worldwide famous icescate marathon of 200 kilometer through the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands from the perspective of a rider.

With special thanks to family De Ruiter who made the movie and VPRO television network who gave it attention.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I know her from her blog, Hnk from Mosul. Now she's going to be a mother. A mother on the run. That sounds bad for mother and child. She fled her hometown to Jordan. Isn't her sister in Germany and can't she be reunited with her sister?

Just a thought. Humantarian aid it's called I think.

A link to her blogspot:

cycling North

You know what the advantage is of cycling north?
It's the sun behind you and the shadow in front of you.
I can almost cycle on the compass of the sun. It's so easy. More than 1,100 kilometer north on my bicycle and I reached my goal, Skagen.

Yes, I've cycled to the north of Denmark. Back to Holland I travelled partly by train
 It was a tough trip with northern winds , the hills and the gravel paths. But I knew that. Partly.

Denmark is so windy. That's why it's logical to use the wind in providing electricity. Modern windmills are almost everywhere. Denmark almost a selfsufficient country.
The northern part of Germany is also windy, especially Schleswig-Holstein. Many windmills there too. That part of Germany is at the end of this year energy neutral.

Today I heard  that energysuppliers in my country have to decrease staff because of the export of Germany of cheap windenergy to the Netherlands. Even the Netherlands itself produces some energy to make a change.

All this means that we are entering the future where is no place for oil and coal
The stoneage didn't end because humans ran out of stones.....

Thursday, June 05, 2014


Yeah, I like this song, the original and the spinoff Walk off the earth's

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

happy song

When you're on your way with Giovanca.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Right  now I think of all those years I'm blogging on this account. 10 Years already. I think it was May, june 2004, just before I went on a holliday to Sweden. And where have I been since then? Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain. This year I want to go to Denmark. Let's try to find a cycleroad to that flat and windy country ;)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


We entered 2014, the first day is almost over. Happy New Year everyone!

When I look forward to what comes; Tomorrow will be the first full working day after 8 weeks.

I had my operation on my jaw postponed. Half november I had an operation and it took me 3 week to get back to work and 4 weeks to be completely back again for the full hours. Well that starts tomorrow. Today I came back from the north, where I celebrated new year's eve.

My garden will be full of apples this or next year. I have planted 3 trees in the garden. There is more to eat in the garden like granberries and blackberries right now. The tomato and strawberries have to be planted in the spring.

I picked up cycling again after the acccident in September. This time I cycle upstairs in the attic.

I note here that I still want to see the movie Brazil

Monday, November 04, 2013

solar energy

With a new house and little time to make a mayor change in life, I switched to a zero emission strategy and some had solar panels installed on the rooftop :)
It's quite a financial investment but I got a feeling that I got to do something. The fact that I can do this gives me the responsibility to do it.

Four days ago a company installed the solar energycollectors. It's autumn now and we had some bad weather days. Yesterday we had even a tornado on a 20 Km distance. It's no good for my energyfarm.

Monday, October 07, 2013


Within less than 2 months I'll have an operation.
I'm walking around with a brace in my mouth since July 2012. The next step is the operation In November 2013. Due to a minor accident in September I broke my thumb bone. It made me postpone the surgery.

But it's okay.

I have some difficulties going to work. I can't cycle. To dangerous with an arm in plaster. So I take the train.... a 12 minutes walk for a 9 minutes train ride and a 15 minutes walk to where I work. Luckily the weather was fine until now. A real Indian summer. 

I'm waiting for autumn, do you?

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Well, I am still here. In the meantime I removed to a new house 4 kilometers to where I once lived. I picked up cycling once again, fell again, broke my hand.

Now I have to pick up writing. I don´t know what to write about. Maybe it´s because I just have too much to think  about. But at least Ocean writes, which gives me a reason to keep on going. She is just a wonderful person.

Monday, July 22, 2013


In the Netherlands we are on the brink of a heatwave. A few days with temperatures of 30+ Celsius are very rare for this country. The last wave was in 2006 (maybe I blogged about it) and there were to much people who died of dehydration and complications due to the heat. Luckily today was a day witrh a low humidity. The heath was much more bearable.

For my garden this is a test. I planted a few sunflowers and I don't know if they can face the sun much longer.

This part of the garden is 2 metres wide and 4 metres wide.