Wednesday, July 02, 2014

cycling North

You know what the advantage is of cycling north?
It's the sun behind you and the shadow in front of you.
I can almost cycle on the compass of the sun. It's so easy. More than 1,100 kilometer north on my bicycle and I reached my goal, Skagen.

Yes, I've cycled to the north of Denmark. Back to Holland I travelled partly by train
 It was a tough trip with northern winds , the hills and the gravel paths. But I knew that. Partly.

Denmark is so windy. That's why it's logical to use the wind in providing electricity. Modern windmills are almost everywhere. Denmark almost a selfsufficient country.
The northern part of Germany is also windy, especially Schleswig-Holstein. Many windmills there too. That part of Germany is at the end of this year energy neutral.

Today I heard  that energysuppliers in my country have to decrease staff because of the export of Germany of cheap windenergy to the Netherlands. Even the Netherlands itself produces some energy to make a change.

All this means that we are entering the future where is no place for oil and coal
The stoneage didn't end because humans ran out of stones.....

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